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The Nuraghe of Santa Cristina

The Nuraghe complex of Santa Cristina is located in the town of Paulitanino and takes its name from the nearby Church of Santa Cristina.
Inside the park, visitors will be immediately captivated by the timeless charm of the ancient structures and can see the main nuraghe and a perfectly preserved nuraghic hut (adjacent to it). In the vicinity of the complex you will find the sacred well of Santa Cristina (10-11th century BC), famous for its well-preserved staircase and the Tholos roof whose central hole allows only sunlight to filter through. The massive basalt blocks used for the construction of the well are perfectly square while nuraghic architecture usually used rough-hewn boulders. Then there is THE curious and mysterious event (meglio phenomenon) that occurs every 18 years and 6 months when, between the end of January and the beginning of December, the moon is reflected in the water of the well through the hole in the top of the vault.

The Tomb of the Giants of Coddu Vecchju

The tomb of the giants of Coddu Vecchju is proof that Sardinia is not only a land of crystal-clear seas and unspoiled nature, but also history and culture. This ancient monument, located in the town of the same name near Arzachena, is a collective tomb dating back to the nuraghic civilization and consists of a corridor covered by imposing granite slabs in which the dead were buried and a stele representing the transition to the afterlife.
The main stele is the largest of its kind, with a maximum height of over 4 metres. Its construction is thought to date from two distinct historical time periods; In fact, the burial chamber dates back to the Bronze Age (1800-1600 BC) while the exedra was probably positioned in the Middle Bronze Age (1600-1300 BC). Relics of great anthropological importance were found near and inside the tomb, such as necklaces, vases, bowls, pans and various decorations, all well preserved and on display in the Sanna Museum of Sassari.

The Beach of Cala Tinnari

Cala Tinnari is a beautiful unspoilt natural cove on the coast between the village of Costa Paradiso and Punta Li Canneddi near Isola Rossa. The beach, which appears to visitors like a beautiful horseshoe embedded in granite, consists of small pebbles carried by the Riu Pirastru, and is easily reached after a wonderful and charming 30-minute walk along the slopes of Mount Tinnari (from which it takes its name).
The beach, surrounded by the scents and warm atmosphere typical of the island of Sardinia, is the ideal destination for those wishing to take a dip in the wildest nature without sacrificing comfort and relaxation.

The Beach of Cala Li Cossi

granite, the beach of Cala Cossi offers those with desire who wish to see it, a spectacle of lights and colours that is truly unforgettable.
Set like a timeless jewel in the hard granite and decorated with lush and fragrant Mediterranean scrub; the beach of Cala Li Cossi is one of the main tourist attractions of Sardinia and is mentioned in every tourist guide. The beach, washed by the river from which it takes its name, is striking for its fine sand and golden hues and for the sea that contains every shade of blue and turquoise. On days when the mistral is blowing strong and the water is driven against the hard

The Beach of Cala Spinosa

The beach of Cala Spinosa is a small cove on the north coast of Capo Testa. The cove appears to visitors as a small bay sheltered from the strong southerly winds and is striking for the incredible shades of blue of its water and its fine, golden sand. Because it is sheltered from wind and storms, the sea of Cala Spinosa is extraordinarily clear for most of the year, making it an ideal destination for those wishing to dive in pristine waters and practice snorkelling.
Another thing that makes Cala Spinosa unique is that, if you climb up the small hill behind the cover, you can see the Strait of Bonifacio and the white cliffs of nearby Corsica.

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